The greatest gift you’ll give to your family starts with a plan now.

What will you leave behind? Yes, this is a daunting thought however, a little bit of planning now can generate a great deal of peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Have you considered Estate Planning? Estate Planning dictates how your assets are distributed after you die (or become unable to make your own financial decisions). This is often a complicated process, so consulting a financial adviser when devising your estate plan is a good move. MG Partners has an associate in-house Lawyer, Michelle Savage, who will help you to achieve the best outcomes for your legal matters all in one convenient location at our Elsternwick office. Get to know Michelle here!

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Why would I plan?

You plan to make sure what you leave behind is distributed in an equitable manner, as outlined by you. The three things you should consider;

  • Implementing a plan means that you can nominate who your assets go to. These nominations are legally binding, so will remain as you wish them to be
  • By consulting an adviser, you can arrange the plan so that taxes siphon as little as possible from your estate
  • You have the pleasure of knowing that your financial affairs are in order, so you won’t leave a lengthy administrative nightmare to your loved ones.

What happens if I don’t plan?

The direct result of failing to implement an Estate Plan is that your assets will be distributed according to a legal team. This will most likely mean that your assets will not end up with the person you would have chosen. It also means that you have no control over who distributes your assets.

Who should plan?

Contrary to many beliefs, Estate Planning is recommended for anyone who owns assets. It truly is never too early to adopt a plan.

Think about all of your assets, including investments, retirement accounts, real estate, business interests and valuable items – in financial or emotional terms – such as jewelry, collections, cars and even a family heirloom.

Mentally take note of what you would like to do with these things and to whom you would see them distributed to.

This means that you are a strong candidate!

How do I get the process started?

Here at MG Partners, we are specialists in Estate Planning and have offered many outstanding solutions for our clients. Contact us by phone 03 9523 6500 or email for a free consultation today.

MG Partners has an associate in-house Lawyer, Michelle Savage, who will help you to achieve the best outcomes for your legal matters.

Michelle operates from within Savage & Co out of our Elsternwick office. Get to know our associate Michelle in her ‘get to know you’ blog here!

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